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How To Sell Creative Content

Apart from having a vocation and dedication to their students, what do all teachers seem to have in common? Answer: They are time-poor.

This explains why there’s such a great opportunity to sell teacher-created resources online.

One of the few things you will need to be more aware of is copyright. It’s one thing to create resources for your own use that borrow images and other content – it’s quite another if you then want to sell those resources online. Always check the usage rights!

Online and remote learning became commonplace during the pandemic. And having proved that it’s possible for teaching and learning to carry on without students all being in the same classroom it’s likely that hybrid learning will continue – even without further lockdowns and school closures.

This means that there’s an ongoing opportunity to sell teacher-created resources that are tailored to online learning.

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Solutions To Selling Content

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Ideally, you want to spend as much time as possible creating and promoting your resources – and as little time as you can on the mechanics of selling and collecting money.

In other words, you want an online selling platform that makes life easy for you and your customers and which doesn’t cost a fortune to use.

Payhip is all about simplicity. It’s easy to set up your online store and upload new products. Linking social media accounts is a cinch and you get paid instantly and automatically every time somebody makes a purchase.

You can also sell products without a monthly or annual fee for as long as it suits you with our forever free option.

So if you have teaching materials to sell, and start earning an extra income!

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