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Retail Therapy

Retail Therapy with Shaolin Cafe supports sustainable living through repurposed/upcycling apparel, wellness, and inspirational media and print content.

Retail Therapy

Apparel, Photos, Prints & Wellness

feiyue dafu brand

Feiyue Access

We have moved into areas that expanded our horizons and fuelled our creativity. I have put directions for you to source your Feiyue 501 sneakers from both authentic and not-so-authentic stores, providing you the choice of both price and quality. We appreciate your support and are optimistic that our expansions will meet your increasing demands.


Apparel, Photos, Prints & Wellness

Shoes – New & Preloved

Apparel – New & Preloved


Visit Our Wellness Oasis

wellness oasis

Find Space To Pause & Be Still. Enter our wellness oasis, where each aspect of our content has been thoughtfully curated to nurture your body and mind. From healthy, sustainably sourced products to tranquil mindfulness events, we focus your well-being on stimulating and restoring balance, allowing you to lead a more vibrant and healthier lifestyle.

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