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Kung Fu Rise

Experience Transformation with Kung Fu Rise: Empowering Mind, Body, and Female Wellness Dynamics through 1MindBodyFitness.

Woman Wellness

Empower and Thrive with Women’s Training at 1Mind Body Fitness: Unleash Your Inner Strength, Flexibility, and Resilience with Kung Fu concepts through Qigong, and Tai Chi – Elevating Physical Responses and Achieving Optimal Well-being.”

qigong for women

Empower with Women’s Training

In a competitive environment where power is frequently misconstrued as strength and comparisons are made. A neutral attitude can pave the way for self-confidence and self-improvement. Discover your innate talent by starting your practice with an awareness of your aptitude, strengths, and limitations.


Thrive with Women’s Training

Stretching, meridian activation, acupoint stimulation, massaging exterior tissue and internal organs, being mindful of your breath and thoughts, engaging the left and right sides of your brain, and memory stimulation are all ways to discover and connect to your feminine wellness dynamic.

Second Spring

The term ‘Second Spring’ in Chinese medicine refers to a phase of renewed vitality and well-being in women’s wellness.

Scientific Explanation: The concept of ‘The Second Spring’ in Chinese medicine refers to a phase in a woman’s life, typically occurring during menopause, which represents a transition similar to a second phase of youthful energy.” It is a time when hormonal levels and reproductive functions shift. This stage is characterized by a decrease in the synthesis of specific hormones, which results in the termination of menstruation and the associated physiological changes. Chinese medicine sees this as a chance for women to focus on balancing their Qi (life force) and boosting overall well-being through holistic therapies, assisting them in navigating this critical life stage with vitality and harmony.

Non-Scientific Explanation: In Chinese medicine, ‘The Second Spring’ represents a new beginning for women later in life, often during menopause.” This phase symbolizes a new chapter in a woman’s journey, just as spring provides renewed growth and energy after winter. It is a time when the body changes, such as a natural pause in monthly cycles. As nature awakens from its slumber in spring, ‘The Second Spring’ is a chance for women to focus on their well-being, balance their energy, and embrace this period with positivity and vitality.


Discover Qi Equilibrium Yoga

Discover Qi Equilibrium Yoga: Tailored for Women’s Needs, Empowering Self-Care and Regeneration. Learn to Navigate Changes in Body, Mind, and Emotions with QE Yoga Techniques. Preventive, Restorative, and Rehabilitative Wellness Solutions.

QE Yoga Overview

Step 1: Introduction to Qi Equilibrium Yoga (QE Yoga) Understand that QE Yoga is a specialized practice tailored to address the unique wellness needs of women. It emphasizes the balance of Qi (life energy) and is designed to promote overall well-being, self-care, and emotional equilibrium.

Step 2: Recognizing Women’s Unique Needs Acknowledge that women experience various physiological and hormonal changes throughout their lives. QE Yoga is designed to provide women with tools to navigate these changes, promoting physical, mental, and emotional health.

Step 3: Active Participation in Self-Care Recognize the importance of active participation in self-care. QE Yoga empowers women to take control of their well-being by engaging in a holistic practice that combines movement, breathwork, and mindfulness.

Step 4: Learning About Changes Learn about how QE Yoga techniques can help women understand the changes occurring in their bodies, minds, and emotions. The practice offers insights into the interplay between physical health, mental clarity, and emotional balance.

Step 5: Dealing with Changes Explore how QE Yoga equips women with practical tools to effectively deal with the changes they experience. Techniques such as mindful breathing, gentle movements, and relaxation exercises aid in managing stress, mood fluctuations, and physical discomfort.

Step 6: Preventive Approach Recognize that QE Yoga serves as a preventive measure, helping women maintain balance and well-being before issues arise. Regular practice can support hormonal balance, reduce stress, and enhance vitality, promoting long-term health.

Step 7: Restorative Benefits Understand that QE Yoga offers restorative benefits for women who may be experiencing challenges related to health or emotional well-being. The practice provides a safe space for rejuvenation, promoting relaxation and healing.

Step 8: Rehabilitation Support Acknowledge that QE Yoga can play a role in rehabilitation. Women recovering from physical or emotional challenges can engage in gentle movements and mindful practices to aid in their healing journey.

Step 9: Mind-Body Connection Emphasize the mind-body connection inherent in QE Yoga. The practice encourages women to become more attuned to their bodies, fostering a deeper understanding of how physical sensations, thoughts, and emotions are interconnected.

Step 10: Holistic Empowerment Recognize that QE Yoga empowers women with a holistic toolkit for self-care and regeneration. Through consistent practice, women can cultivate a sense of empowerment, resilience, and well-being that positively impacts all aspects of their lives.

By following these steps, women can engage in Qi Equilibrium Yoga as a transformative practice that addresses their unique needs, enhances self-care, and empowers them to navigate life’s changes with grace and equilibrium.

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Your Coach

Amanda Lan is a mom, and businesswoman, who has over 30 years of kung fu experience, including Shaolin martial arts, Sanda fighting, Judo, Qigong, Tai Chi, Chinese dance, culture, and international instructor training. She is the creator of Qi Equilibrium-QE Yoga, a self-care program developed by women for women that imprints habit-forming principles. In addition, Kung Fu Rise offers a unique perspective on self-defense, female wellness dynamics, and generational mentorship. Although much of Amanda’s work focuses on martial arts for combat, she has also locally offered Health Qigong, Yuan Qi Qigong, and Chinese dance programs. Women are taking action individually and collectively to heal the world, their families, and their communities. For some, this is accepting the effects of abuse, while for others, it means facing the clever methods by which a family or cultural system imposes its will on women. In order to develop a sense of grounding, strength, and resilience as well as compassion for oneself and others, Amanda Lan explores how women can re-establish a connection with their own bodies and the life force within through Qi Equilibrium Yoga.

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