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Teach 6 Healing Sounds & 8 Brocade Qigong

R2 600.00
Health Qigong Coaches Workshop
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Coaches Health Qigong Course

In-Person & Online Access. Beginner Friendly.

Join our tribe - Chinese Health Qigong Association and International Health Qigong Federation, Beijing China.

International merit credentials.

Learn 2 routines

Train In-Person for 4 hours,


  • Coach Assessment and Obtain Coach Certificate
  • 1-year online reference coach training 24/7 access
  • 1-year SAHQA membership

Coach: Amanda Lan - 4th Dan Technical Health Qigong Caoch, Beijing China. BRICS facilitator SA, Vice President SAHQA

Venue: Shaolin Cafe or as advised. Kindly note dates are subject to change with prior notice.

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