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Elevate Tai Chi Self-Care Workshop (Part 2)

Elevate Tai Chi Self-Care Workshop
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Elevate Self-Care and Wellness with Tai Chi

Unlock Your Inner Power with the Potential Energy of Intrinsic Motion in Tai Chi. Experience Tai Chi Quan: Where Motion Becomes Medication. Discover the Fusion of Chinese Medicine Concepts. Harness Your Inner Power through Intrinsic Motion in Tai Chi

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Unfamiliar with Tai Chi Quan? Read more on Tai Chi Quan by clicking this link.

Workshop: 2 hours

Date: 4 Nov 23

Time: 1.30 pm

Venue: Shaolin Cafe or as advised

A minimum of five attendees are required to attend each workshop. The workshop will automatically be scheduled for the following date if it is not acquired.

The Mindfulness of Tai Chi Quan with Dr. Jeff Lan combines the tranquillity of Qigong and the connection of Meditation. Makes for a unique approach that harnesses the synergistic benefits of these practices, offering you a holistic path to wellness.

Tai Chi Quan lessons embrace the 1 Mind Body Fitness Life Preservation idea. By harmonizing the mind, body, and spirit, individuals can cultivate optimal health, increase longevity, and achieve a balanced and fulfilling life.

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