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Creative Growth Mentorship

R1 800.00
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Transform Ideas into Profitable Reality

Unlock the full potential of your creativity with our personalized mentoring services, tailored especially for emerging creatives. We blend modern methodologies with time-tested approaches to foster organic growth and collaborative social relevance. Please be mindful that some of the sessions are document-based, while others require in-person or online in-person sessions. View the 3 Phase Package Options;

  1. Basic Package
    • Process Overview:
      • Initial assessment (Project)
      • Conceptualization session
      • Email/communication
    • Estimated Total Cost: R1,500
  2. Standard Package:
    • Process Actions:
      • SWOT analysis and critique
      • Cost efficiency assessment
      • Written recommendations
      • Development pros and cons discussions (20 minutes)
    • Estimated Total Cost: R2,800
  3. Premium Package:
    • Mindset Survival:
      • In-depth idea maturity assessment
      • Growth potential analysis
      • Design vision consultation
      • Retail and bespoke strategy discussions
    • Estimated Total Cost: R4,000

Our three-pillar approach includes:

  1. Organic Growth: Receive step-by-step guidance to turn your creative ideas into tangible realities, ensuring a seamless journey from concept to completion.
  2. Bespoke Start: Collaborate on a personalized strategy that emphasizes social relevance, laying the groundwork for essential growth in your creative ventures.
  3. Skill and Technology Fusion: Harness the power of both traditional artisanal skills and cutting-edge technology to transform your concepts, skills, or sketches into unique, retail-ready products or services.

Do Something Outstanding: Take your creativity beyond the drawing board. Our mentorship empowers you to move from a concept to a finished product, offering access to unparalleled uniqueness. Define your creative space by addressing individual strengths and weaknesses.

Growing Creatives, Extraordinary Thinkers: Creative minds possess remarkable abilities. Our mentorship channels creative thinking in the right direction, enhancing accomplishments. Experience growth by consulting within design spaces, streamlining specific skills crucial for creative gain.

Experience-Driven Support: In the realm of creativity, experience outweighs academic knowledge. Rest assured, our mentorship provides the correct support phases, ensuring you're on the right path to success.

Feel free to reach out before choosing a package to discuss how our mentorship aligns with your unique requirements. Let's embark on a journey to make your creativity not just a concept but a profitable reality.

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