Tai Chi Quan Immersion


Tai Chi Quan Immersion maintains a balance between the two principles of YinYang and Quan as Balance. Ancient people practiced the Dao; aka the Way of Living.

Meet and train Tai Chi Quan Immersion with Dr. Jeff Lan.
All levels of expertise are welcome to join in.
This event can be attended both:
a)in-person (maximum 12 persons)
⛱️ Dress in relaxed warm/cool attire
🙏 Bring pen, notebook, meditation pillow, water, and snacks
👍 Book Early to avoid disappointment


9.00am – Arrival
9.30am – Welcome & Warm-up
10am – Tai Chi Quan Fundamentals Practice
11am – Break
11.15am – Philosophy Of The 10 Essences (Practical Lecture)
12pm – Lunch
12.30pm – Identify Healing Within The Form Practice
1pm – Tai Chi Quan Short Form Practice
2pm – Open floor Q & A
2.30pm – Close event

Classical Yang Tai Chi Quan

The practice of Tai Chi Quan Immersion trains you to maintain a balance between the two principles of Yin and Yang and Quan as Balance. The principles you learn in Tai Chi Quan should be applied to everything you do throughout your life. Ancient people practiced the Dao, also known as the Way of Living.

The Practice of Tai Chi Quan Immersion
Teaches us to;
separate the Yin and Yang of the Body while in Motion
Within this stillness, it helps to harmonise Yin and Yang,
allows activation of the meridians and collaterals,
enhance the regulation and flow of Qi and blood circulation,
balance and stabilise the central equilibrium,
works on the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system,
relaxes the physical body,
defines and distinguishes between the principle of full and empty
allowing our whole gravity to drop down completely,
allows the sinking of Qi into the lower dantian/cauldron of life.

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