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Self-Defence & Self-Care


Self-Defense & Self-Care Program imprints habit-forming principles developed and taught for women by women. A unique perspective on self-defense. A Few Topics Explored; Martial defense, Street smarts, Social-defense, Female Specific Qigong, Fan & Nunchaku Basics, Everything is a weapon, Explore safe spaces, Know your strengths, Dress for defense. Book in advance to confirm attendance.


A Self-Defense & Self-Care Program imprints habit-forming principles developed and taught for women by women; called Kung Fu Rise. Kung Fu Rise offers a unique perspective on self-defense in addition to female wellness dynamics and generational mentorship.

In a competitive environment where power is mistaken as strength and comparisons are frequently made. Possessing a neutral attitude can open the door toward self – confidence and self and self-improvement. Uncover your inherent ability by beginning your practice by being mindful of your ability, strengths, and limitations. Learn how to use your shoes, bag, jacket, and other personal items as “weapons” to extend the reach of your power. The fan and nunchaku are used in an amusing way to investigate this. Stretching, activating meridians, tapping acupoints, massaging external tissue and internal organs, being mindful of your breath and thoughts, engaging the left and right sides of your brain, and memory stimulation are all ways to discover and connect to your female wellness dynamic.

INTRODUCING YUAN QI QIGONG Yuan Qi Qigong is incredibly unusual. It is tailored to women’s needs and enables active participation in self-care and regeneration. Women can learn about the changes in their bodies, minds, and emotions through Yuan Qi Qigong techniques, and they can also understand how to deal with these changes as they arise. Yuan Qi Qigong is also excellent for interventions that are preventive, restorative, and rehabilitative.


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