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Beginners Health Qigong


Beginners Health Qigong. Explore face-To-face This will be easy access for those wanting to explore Health Qigong. Teaching interest? Join us to understand how.

Who is this for;

  • Everyone and anyone who wishes to explore a new adventure
  • Age; is not a factor we have a course for any ability. Yes, we can cater to wheelchair-bound coaches too!
  • Retirement activity
  • A new career in lifestyle choices
  • Add to current coach repertoire
  • The opportunities are endless.


Explore face-To-face This will be easy access for those wanting to explore Health Qigong.

Beginners Health Qigong

Beginner Friendly. Face-To-face. Our years of experience are aimed to assist you to achieve your goals in the simplest and easiest manner.

This event can be attended face-to-face.
Book your private one-on-one sessions are available upon request

Preparation for when you get going;

Dress in relaxed loose fitting clothes. Flat-soled shoes (barefoot is an option but for hygiene purposes wear shoes outside). Notepad and pen (online lessons have a facility to take notes and print them as an option). Bring refreshments if needed.

Health Qigong is an easy way of learning any type of Qigong, from the old-school classics to modern-day adaptations. It is ideal for individuals who struggle to find a routine, have an overactive spirit, or have difficulty mastering the combined action of meditation, breathwork, and technicalities. Our distinguishing feature, other than Qigong practice? We go a step further by bringing “old school” methods for profound therapy into practice. If keen; the first step is to join us as we explore this journey with you. Check our YouTube channel @ShaolinCafe to see what we do.

Community Qigong


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