5 Elements Workshop


All levels of expertise are welcome to join in.

Maximum 12 persons in-person
5 Elements Workshop topics cover
1. 5 Elements Living,
2. 5 Elements of Eating, and
3. 5 Elements Qigong Training
⛱️ Dress in relaxed warm/cool attire
🙏 Bring a pen, notebook, refreshments, and snacks
👍 Book Early to avoid disappointment


9.00am – Arrival
9.30am – Welcome & Warm-up
10am – 5 Element Qigong Routine Practice
11am – Break
11.15am – 5 Element Theory Lifestyle (Lecture)
12pm – Lunch
12.30pm – 5 Element Theory Food (Lecture)
1pm – 5 Element Qigong Routine Practice
2pm – Open floor Q & A
2.30pm – Close event

Meet and train 5 Elements Workshop with Dr. Jeff Lan; as he releases his book on the topic 5 Elements.

The 5 Elements Workshop is to learn both practical healing methods and theories. The symbols that make up the Five Elements maintain the internal organs and enhance the muscles and bones for general health and fitness; each organ is associated with one of these symbols.

Introduction – Extracted from the Five Elements Qigong by Dr. Jeff Lan

The 5 Elements Qigong
The 5 Elements are symbols that have a specific meaning. Each organ is related to one of these symbols, and according to our understanding, they cooperate. For example, the element related to infection is fire. The more severe the infection, the more it burns (high temperature). When we feel hot from infection, we need to increase the circulation so that it can reduce or disperse the heat. Read further by clicking this link


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