Calm The Vagus Nerve No2

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Meet and train with Dr Jeff Lan.
Each workshop will have a specific topic address.
Topics: Cosmic Healing(Meditation) Qigong and Da Yang(Wild Goose) Qigong
Session: 5-hour session
Details: Learn movement and understand how to activate healing and wellness.
All levels of expertise are welcome to join in. Second-time attendees claim your discount voucher before paying.
This event can be attended both:
a)in-person or
b)live stream. Log in and join directly from your home.
⛱️ Dress in relaxed warm/cool attire
🙏 Bring pen, notebook, meditation pillow, water, and snacks
👍 Book Early to avoid disappointment
9.00am – Arrival
9.30am – Welcome & Warm-up
10am – Cosmic Healing Qigong Practice
11am – Break
11.15am – Cosmic Healing Qigong Practice (Lecture)
12pm – Lunch
12.30pm – Da Yang(Wild Goose) Qigong (Lecture)
1pm – Da Yang(Wild Goose) Qigong Practice
2pm – Open floor Q & A
2.30pm – Close event

1MindBodyFitness; is a whole-person healing concept. It has been and will continue to be in all of our minds and hearts as we slowly emerge from the worldwide pandemic and navigate present world difficulties.
Whole-person healing is not a new notion; it has always been a part of us since ancient times, forming a part of our daily life patterns. Where great emphasis was placed on unified mind, body, and spirit wellness; retaining our connection to our natural state and that of the earth; enabling a balanced ecosystem, and allowing us to live in a calm and reasonable state of wellness.

The current global social and health crises, that are linked to our climate disasters, have awakened humanity to the critical need to emerge into our fullest healing capacities; to maintain and restore our vitality, health enhanced, emotions soothed, spirits nourished, and societies empowered.
Returning to our origin. Return to how we function in a balanced echo state. To achieve a balanced state of wellness, Universe-Macrocosm influences must impact our Human-Microcosm.

The Human Body is a Microcosm, a miniature version of the universe. Qi’s vitality is intertwined with our health and lives and with that of the natural environment. It has the ability to connect or disconnect our well-being. To truly understand its benefits; we first must understand, which movements activate, enhance, and restore its healing flow.
The body is a matrix composed of Qi, Moisture, Blood, Jing, and Shen, just as Nature is made up of air, sea, and land. Qi is a cohesive, transformative dynamism that characterizes life (pronounced chee). Movement, rhythm, and warmth all are aspects of Qi. Qi is present in everything that pulsates, wiggles evolves, cogitates, or radiates. Blood (Xue) is more than just a red liquid; it is the substance from which the body evolves. While blood gives rise to tissue, Qi governs the distribution and transformation of matter.

Qi and Blood work together to maintain the body’s structure and composition. Jing, or essence, is the fundamental primal substrate responsible for and manifested by growth, development, and maturation. Qi and blood are derived from Jing. Shen is the mind, which is responsible for perception, emotion, expression, and self-awareness, whereas Jing is the body’s reproductive and regenerative substance. The concept of Shen-Jing, the inextricable union of psyche and soma, mind and body, conveys an integrated sense of identity that coheres in location and endures over time. The three treasures known as Qi, Jing, and Shen function together to maintain shape, function, and identity — the human capacity for self-transformation, self-making, and self-actualization. The vagus nerve is soothed by the restful motion that supports conservative and restorative actions. Mindful exercises like Qigong and Tai Chi can help you achieve this. It’s often referred to as “meditation in motion,” although it’s more accurately described as “medication in motion.”

Integrate fitness, wellness, and rest that is restorative, quiet, and extremely calming into your daily self-care routine. Connect mind, body, and spirit.

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2022-06-25 @ 09:00 AM to
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