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Community Qigong

Teach Health Qigong. Beginner Friendly. Face-To-face for 4 days. Train 100% online on-demand with 24/7 access. Live in-person or On-demand, Merit and Certification.

Learn 24/7 access on your laptop or mobile phone. Anywhere, anytime. This will be easy access for those wanting to teach Health Qigong. Join our listing of qualified Health Qigong Coaches.

Relaxation Response (Qigong) cuts health care costs. Harvard Team Finds 43% Reduction in Use of Health Care Services via Mind-Body Intervention. The study reveals how mind-body medicine could cut health care costs. The understated title of the open-access article at PLoS from a Harvard University–Benson-Henry Institute mind-body team is “Relaxation Response and Resiliency Training and Its Effect on Healthcare Resource Utilization.”

Benson-Henry Institute mind-body team

Harvard University

Train & Teach

Teach Health Qigong

Assume that everyone has access to Health Qigong Coach Training. Improve your own community or social circle. We are completely self-funded. By enrolling in the course, you can become a Supporter or Patron. Join one of our purchasing options or make a donation to help us continue producing content.


What is taught & cost

Learn and access 4 of the most popular routines

Learn 1 routine. Start teaching immediately

Continue to learn while teaching

Beginner Friendly

Train face-to-face for 4 days @ 4 hrs per day

Train 100% online on-demand 24/7 access

Train Live stream. Book your private one-on-one session/s.

Earn Merit and Certification

Work toward your international merit while earning an income by teaching.

Be listed as a coach on our website


Explore face-To-face

Donations welcome (limited time)


1) Online Course


2) Face-To-Face

4 days @ 4hrs/per day (limited time)


Monthly Subscription Option


2 x Assessments

Via LiveStream or Face-To-Face

Health Qigong Assessment you get;
2 Assessments Per Routine,
Pay to Book Assessment Online,
Each Assessment includes 2 reviews, comments, and feedback. The first assessment is a trial (fix & refine), and the second is the final assessment for merit awarding. Pass the assessment. Be a certified coach under SAHQA, IHQF, and CHQA. Be legible for international certification.

$20/R300.00 per session

60 minutes

Via LiveStream or Face-To-Face

Limited to Health Qigong Coach Training. Pay for the session/s to reserve your spot. Your payment will secure your reservation. A Livestream timeslot and access link will be assigned to you and emailed to you.

It is advisable to prepare a list of all the areas of concern you wish to study or gain clarity on so that you can make the most of the allotted time slot.

The 4 Routines

learn to teach liu-zi-jue

Six Healing Sounds/Liu Zi Jue Qigong

learn to teach ba-duan-jin

Eight Movement/Ba Duan Jin Qigong

learn to teach yi jin jing

Sinew Tendon Muscle/Yi Jin Jing Qigong

learn to teach wu-qin-xi

Five Animal/Wu Qin Xi Qigong

Who can teach

Everyone and anyone who wishes to explore a new adventure

Age; is not a factor we have a course for any ability.

Yes, we can cater to wheelchair-bound coaches too!

Limited mobility will not hinder

Retirement activity

A new career in lifestyle choices

Add to current coach repertoire

Add to rehabilitation training

The opportunities are endless.

train to teach qigong
Learn Qigong on-demand

24/7 Online Access

Our collaboration with the Health Qigong Program can be attended through both:
a) Self-paced online access 24/7 or
b) Live stream.

NB: Live stream is private one-on-one sessions with your internationally qualified coach

View details about training health qigong teachers program details

To join us live view our live workshops

In a nutshell, this program supports the idea and practice of Vitality, Nourishing-Life-Enhancement, and Prevention Medicine Activities.
Self-Care Longevity and the ability to reawaken dormant human health and healing potential serve as the underlying themes.

Self-care is an active and powerful choice that asks for anyone to partake in activities that will help us achieve or maintain the highest level of overall health and longevity, including not just our physical health but also our psychological, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being.

Accomplished Students

5 Star Reviews

Hours of Classses

Years Experience

Our Expertise

Since the 1990s, the International Kim-Loong Wushu Centre (IKLWC) has provided high-quality Martial Arts training and Chinese Medicine treatment. Dr. Jeff Lan and Amanda Lan, a husband and wife team, started the business. Thousands of students and patients have benefited from the integration of Chinese medicine science into the ancient authentic classical knowledge systems of the Kung Fu Teachings over the years. Shaolin, Tai Chi, Wing Chun, Qigong, and Sanda were among the styles available.

Collaborative help from nationally and internationally associated and accredited Chinese medicine practitioners and institutions, as well as martial art practitioners and institutions, enabled regulatory conformance and protocols to be navigated. Today, our emphasis is on larger self-care concepts for an integrative lifestyle. Experience and time spent actively participating in community projects and training heightened the need for local development. Treatment, food, exercise, self-defense, meditation, coping methods for modern-day diseases, and lifestyle adjustment are all covered.

Health Qigong Coaches

Teaching Coaches

Dr Jeff Lan
(6th Dan)
South Africa
Explore Health Qigong
Amanda Lan
(4th Dan)
South Africa
Jarren Phillips
Jarren Philips
(1st Dan)
South Africa
Adriana Jamisse
Adriana Jamisse
(1st Dan) Mozambique
Romy Phillips
Romy Phillips
(Chih 3)
South Africa
Peter Williamson
Peter Williamson
(3 Chih)
South Africa

Certified Coaches (not teaching)

Bridget Lloyd
Bridget Lloyd
(4th Dan)
South Africa
Mandla Dolosi
Mandla Dolosi
(1st Dan)
South Africa
Jeronimo De Los Rios
Jeronimo De Los Rios
(1st Dan)
Narcisse Sadi
Narcisse Sadi
(1st Dan)
Gregg Adams
Gregg Adams
(Chih 3)
South Africa
Pieter Liebenberg
Pieter Liebenberg
(1st Chih)


The Qualifications are defined by two categories;

1. SAHQA – SA Health Qigong Association which are Chih Levels and

2. IHQF – International Health Qigong and CHQA – Chinese Health Qigong Association are defined by Duans


1. SAHQA – SA Health Qigong Association

Chih Levels are;
Chih Level 1, Chih Level 2, Chih Level 3.

IHQF & CHQA Duans/Dans are;
Pre-Duans: level 1, level 2, level 3.
Junior Duans: Duan 1, Duan 2,  Duan 3.
Intermediate Duans: Duan 4, Duan 5, Duan 6.
Senior Duans: Duan 7, Duan 8, Duan 9.


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